Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Limits

If you only pursue what other people think is realistic, you will never discover what you really want or experience what you really deserve.

I read that statement in a book by Jack Canfield - the Success Principles. After reading it I started thinking, why is it that when we were little all we did was think about what we want. In fact we could not stop thinking about what we want until we got it. I see this everyday with my daughter Chloe, she sees something she wants and she goes for it. Just the other day she saw the baby monitor and the toilet bowl. She knew she wanted both so she grabbed the monitor and dropped it in the toilet bowl. After seeing this of course I told her no, that does not go there. But yet she still remained focused on the things she wanted to do. She couldn't imagine that a monitor does not go into a toilet.

So the point Im making with this is its not a hard question to ask a child what do they want, but as an adult if you get asked that question a lot of times its followed by I want this but its not realistic. When you are thinking about what you want or who you want to be why do you limit yourself by thinking 'practical' or 'realistic'? If you limit your dreams you limit your potential.

High achievers always see the world from a different perspective. They see it as a place where anything can happen. They believe anything is possible and they would rather be apart of the solution than the problem.

Be the solution in your life!

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